Dental Chair Cover at Dental Office in Arvada, CO
Perfect Teeth | Arvada, CO

We strive to use the highest quality products and techniques. Our goal for each of our customers is to provide the Ultimate in Quality and the Ultimate in Convenience!

Oversized Restaurant Bar Couch Seat Lounge Upholstery Recover
39 Degrees | Aspen, CO

We were excited to assist with 39 Degrees Lounge upholstery remodel. The old upholstery material, though good, was faded and showed some wear. The owners had already selected material. Which made it was easy to come up and recover everything. Lounge upholstery isn’t necessarily more difficult. Though recovering a 10 foot long couch is a

Waiting Room Lobby Chair Seat Upholstered n Olympus Majestic
Denver Endoscopy Center | Denver, CO

The waiting room is the first thing your clients see. and with each lobby chair we ensure that your foyer communicates clean and crisp professionalism.

Custom Embroidery Cybex Leg Curl Reupholstered in Olympus Grotto Vinyl
Whole Health Club | Littleton, CO

Partnered with a great startup to get their fitness equipment reupholstered.

Dental Chair 'Table' in Regimental Blue Olympus
Childrens Dentistry | Westminster, CO

When we recover your dental chair, everything is custom patterned. We do this to ensure we're not relying on an outdated pattern that may not fit correctly.

Elite Powered Chiropractic Table Upholstery Recover
Del Vecchio Chiropractic | Arvada, CO

We completed pad recovers that were crisp and clean and would not distract from the innate beauty of his power chiropractic table.

Panzano Restaurant Remodel 4-Top Booth Seat Recovered
Panzano | Denver, CO

Panzano restaurant has a shining reputation. Which is why we were thrilled when they called us about recovering several booth seat sections in a remodel.

Bob L Burger Remodel Upholstery Double Seat
Bob L. Burger | Lafayette, CO

Advantage can assist with remodeling in a number of ways.

Salon Chair Upholsterey in Bombay Goldmine and sprayed with 303 Fabric Guard
Zoe’s Hair Design | Breckenridge, CO

A great example of our more eccentric salon chair upholstery.

Life Fitness Adjustable Incline Recovered in Royal BoltaSport Olympus
Vital Strength & Fitness | Denver, CO

With vinyl four times more durable than the original we've given this fitness equipment upholstery the staying power it'll need for years of hard service!

Precor Adjustable Incline Reupholstered in BoltaSport Olympus Black
Peak Physique | Denver, CO

It’s clear Peak Physique wants to give their customers the most professional, quiet and clean environment possible. We were delighted when they call on us to recover some of their damaged fitness upholstery. The equipment is thoroughly inspected. We then estimate the work and set a clear and itemized report via email. We’re always available

Dental Clinic Chair Custom Retro Fit Upholstery in BoltaSport Olympus Cadet
Superior Dental | Superior, CO

Taking care of your dental clinic’s upholstery can be like pulling teeth, but not with Advantage! Chairs are recovered right on site. With our extremely efficient reupholstery methods we can complete multiple chairs on the same day and we can easily work around your clinics schedule so your client won’t even notice we’re there. With

Wobble Chair Custom Pads with New Foam and BNoltaSport Olympus BlackProject
JT Anderson Chiropractic | Centennial, CO

Chiropractic table upholstery isn’t the only thing we have to offer chiropractic offices. This Therapeutic Wobble Chair is an excellent example of the many other custom services we offer our clients. Dr. Anderson came to us and asked about bringing new life into these seats. At a fraction of the price we were able to

McMenmans Thompson Brewery and Public House Custom Remodel Booth Seats and Backs in BoltaSport Olympus Black
Thompson Brewery and Public House | Salem, OR

Advantage provides a refreshing change with our restaurant upholstery solution. New sections or service on existing seating can be completed with zero downtime. The pictured section is from a McMenmans Pub, the Thompson Brewery and Public House, in Salem Oregon. All of the booth seats and padded backs were manufactured new and covered in Olympus

Ritter 211 Exam Table Recoverd in BoltaSport Olympus Gunmetal
Women’s Health Clinic | Portland, OR

Exam table upholstery repair can be completed professionally and in a timely manner! This is one of eight Ritter 211 tables recovered at Women’s Health Clinic in Portland. They have been recovered in Olympus Cadet Gray.

Electric Elevation by Elite Chiropractic Table Recovered in BoltaSport Olympus Regemental Blue
University of Western States Chiropractic College | Portland, OR

Our chiropractic table upholstery service can have the most used tables looking like new again! This Electric Elevation Table by Elite is at the University of Western States Chiropractic College in Portland. It has been recovered in Olympus Regimental Blue.

Dental Chair Reupholstered in BoltaSport Olympus Sand
Dr. Carter Davis DDS and Dr. Frank Harmon DDS | Lakewood, CO

Your dental offices upholstery is an important part of the comfort you provide your patients. So when it comes time to replace damaged covers, especially for dental upholstery, it can seem like a daunting task. Many dental chairs have a complicated disassembly process. Then, even if you can find the correct replacement covers they may

Chiropractic Therapy Table Upholstered with BoltaSport Olympus Honeydew
Revolution Chiropractic | Arvada, CO

What’s the fastest way to reupholster chiropractic tables? On site upholstery! Dr. Levi is very conscience about the environment he provides his clients and was concerned that one of his chiropractic drop tables wasn’t providing an adequate level of comfort. After we took measurements and reviewed his options he selected BoltaSport Olympus, primarily for its

Optitrician Chair Reupholstered in BoltaSport Olympus Earth
Arvada Eye Care | Arvada, CO

Exam chair reupholstery can be such a time consuming hassle. Our mobile upholstery service can complete, in just a few hours, work that would take a traditional upholstery shop weeks to get done. Arvada Eye Care was no exception. We met briefly to complete a free estimate and also provided color samples. Dr. Chapman had

Dance Club Remodel with Custom Designed Bench Seats Fabricated with BoltaSport Olympus Light Gray
Club Vinyl | Denver, CO

Advantage isn’t just an upholstery repair business. We’re here to make sure your big projects and remodels go smoothly as well. Here in Denver things are busy. Some commercial upholstery shops require months to complete even simple repairs. Advantage will complete your project in a timely manner so you can get back to the most

Restaurant Seating Remodel with New Booth Seat Cushions in NaugaSoft Black Satin
Tokyo Joe’s | Highlands Ranch, CO

At Tokyo Joe’s in Highlands Ranch we’ve continued with the tradition of excellence in quality and convenience. NaugaSoft Black Satin was used over O50 foam. Both of which are high durability and also very comfortable. We completed all 40 seating pads off-site. Installation was simple and easy and only took a few hours one morning.  We used

Ritter Midmark Exam Table Recovered in BoltaSport Olympus Earth
Memorial Hospital Urgent Care | Colorado Springs, CO

Custom patterned and sew made-to-fit exam table covers.

Commercial Dental Chair Upholstered in BoltaSport Olympus Oat
Lakewood Family Dentistry | Lakewood, CO

Flexibility is one of the more critical assets Advantage has to offer. At Lakewood Family Dentistry for example, we completed five complete dental chard recovers over the course of two visits. More amazing is that we converted the old pads, which had been covered with zip-up cases that commonly would require a replacement be purchased

Adjustable Incline Bench Recovered in Ballisitc Nylon and BoltaSport Olympus Black
Arapahoe High School | Centennial, CO

Sweat and oils from our skin break down vinyl over time. This can be especially prevalent on strength training fitness equipment in athletic centers and departments. We offer a solution that has a durability rating that is seven and a half times as durable as the industry standard. Taking three years of good use to

Dental Chair Reupholstered in BoltaSport Olympus Graphite
Midtown Dental | Denver, CO

The vinyl we've used to recover the chair is more than 4 times as durable as the original. Just imagine how long these beautiful chairs will last!

Chiropractic Table Reupholsterd in BolyaSport Olympus Black
Fox Chiropractic | Broomfield, CO

A chiropractor’s table is undoubtedly one of their most valuable resources. On a simple on-site visit we made Dr. Fox’s home table look beautiful and welcoming. Traditional upholstery’s slow turn around can easily throw everything out of whack but Advantage Mobile Upholstery can easily fit into a busy chiropractors schedule without any serious adjustment. Whether

Salon Chair Upholstery in BoltaSport Olympus Black
Salon at the Village | Highlands Ranch, CO

Salon chair upholstery in a flat black high durability vinyl.

Pilates Upholstery Revolution Slider Recovered in BoltaSport Olympus Black
Pilates at Lakeshore Athletic Club | Broomfield, CO

Proper padding only adds to the peacefulness and sense of unity that can come with a great Pilates workout. Here we’ve replaced the old pink and rather flat foam with a superior, soft and durable commercial grade material.

Physical Therapy Tables Recovered in BoltaSport Olympus Black
Colorado Avalanche Training Center | Englewood, CO

The Head Trainer, Matt, asked us to recover a few physical therapy tables. Since we complete all service on-site, we had the tables looking better than new in no time.