Dental Chair Upholstery

With a limited number of surgical or hygienist stations and a waiting room full of patients, time is of the essence! With that understanding, we will work around your schedule to keep your facility running as smoothly as possible.
And by offering a wide range of commercial grade upholstery vinyl and fabric in hundreds of colors we give you the best options, which allows you to select a color that fits your office best!

Fitness Pad Reupholstery

Downed fitness equipment can make or break the experience for your customers.
Managing to keep down time to a minimum on the equipment we service is one of our core strengths.
At Advantage we concentrate on doing the upholstery on your fitness equipment, so you can be free to do the other heavy lifting.

We’re fast. Our technicians are always working hard with an eye for detail born from experience.
We’re efficient. The moment we step in the door, our service methods keep down time to a minimum.
We’re convenient. You don’t have to bring your equipment to us: our specialized service comes to you.

Restaurant Upholstery Service

You know each of your customers has certain expectations that must always be met, and you work hard to meet them. The same holds true for our service.

Exceptional craftsmanship: We always aim to provide a product that’s better than the original. The seats your patrons enjoy are a primary part of the restaurant environment, and we respect that, taking care to create a quality product.
Friendly service: Your patrons won’t likely notice that we’re even there, and if they do, they’ll receive the same friendly courtesy you expect from your own staff.

Medical Table Reupholstery

Your patients depend on you. Our goal is to keep your equipment in top shape so that you can provide the best treatment. Advantage has been servicing medical facilities of all kinds for over 20 years. Our regular customers depend on our discrete, uniformed employees to work quickly while providing the utmost care in servicing their exam tables, exam chairs, and other vinyl-covered surfaces.

Chiropractic Table Reupholstery

The tone you set in your office is the comfort which allows the healing of your patients to begin, and we understand that! Our unique on-site upholstery solution keeps downtime and disturbances to a minimum. By completing everything out in our fully-equipped and self-contained truck, there’s no mess.
With all our experience at our disposal we work hard to allow you to get that vibrant energy flowing!

Salon Chair Reupholstery

You make your clients look good, and you’re good at it too! With all the hustle and bustle, it can be hard to take time to get your equipment the attention it needs.
That’s exactly where Advantage can get you looking good again.
You’ll find our friendly, uniformed, employees will service your salon so seamlessly and quickly that your customers will barely notice.

Waiting Room Upholstery

The waiting room of your office or place of work is one of the first things your clients or customers see. First impressions are important. Our goal is to make sure that your waiting room communicates the kind of professionalism you do.

Our uniformed employees are prompt and professional, and take special care to not make a disturbance in your office. Instead completing all work in a mobile, self-contained, truck that parks right on-site.

Custom Upholstery

No matter what the challenge, Advantage is ready to serve. Over the last twenty years, we’ve served our clients in a variety of extra-ordinary ways. If you have a large or unusual project, Advantage is here to help. From the vinyl-covered wall pads in a stadium outfield, to coordinating a custom restaurant facelift, to consulting on patterns for covers which are mass-produced overseas. If you have an upholstery-related problem, Advantage is your solution.

Maximum Durability

We know that durability and sustainability are key to your business success! Our service and materials always aim to increase durability.

Mobile Onsite Upholstery Service

We bring the shop and service to you! No more sending equipment out for days on end, we come to you and get the work done in minutes.

Fast Turnaround Times

Don’t wait days or weeks for your equipment or seating to be reupholstered. We complete service within minutes or hours.