Gordon Biersch Brewing Company | Broomfield, CO

It’s always exciting when a long time customer ask for our help with a restaurant remodel. Over the course of our experience, Advantage has become familiar with what it takes to service our restaurant customers efficiently. The remodel at Gordon Biersch Brewing Company required we use designer materials selected and sourced by their corporate designers. We received the materials some time before the job began and, as we could, prepared the covers to ensure everything would be ready to complete service in a timely manner.

Advantage is accustomed to completing restaurant upholstery during business down-time, and restaurant upholstery remodels are no exception. We’re accustomed to arriving with the early crew each scheduled morning. We always think through each day, designing job-specific methods, we strive to balance our performance so that we can maximize our effectiveness, while also ensuring everything can be cleaned up and put back in working order before customers begin arriving. This specific service required a section of seats be selected each day based on those metrics. At Gordon Biersch our restaurant reupholster service required each selection of seats to be moved away from their bases, that they have the old upholstery removed, then that they be expertly reupholstered by Advantage, and finally that each back and seat combination be reinstalled, all within in the allotted time.

Service was completed on the entire bar section of booth seats, six 2-Tops and fourteen 4-Tops, and chairs, forty upholstered bar-stool chair seats with wooden backs. Through Advantage’s precision process and the diligent discipline of our valuable employees, the entire upholstery remodel process only took four, four-hour mornings.

We sincerely appreciate our customer’s business. Gordon Biersch Brewing Company is a great place to meet for an afternoon business meeting, to catch up with a few friends, and especially before a movie on date night. Consider making a reservation today, https://www.gordonbiersch.com/