Peak Physique | Denver, CO

It’s clear Peak Physique wants to give their customers the most professional, quiet and clean environment possible. We were delighted when they call on us to recover some of their damaged fitness pads. The equipment is thoroughly inspected. We then estimate the work and set a clear and itemized report via email. We’re always available to discuss any questions our clients has such as vinyl options or the best time to schedule service. We arrive promptly on schedule and check in with our contact. The fitness pads are removed from the equipment but, we never take too many at a time. Even for a common piece such as this incline, new covers are custom patterned and sewn. All work is completed with industrial grade tools in our fully-equipped self-contained truck. Once the pads have been fully recovered we bring them back inside and reinstall them. The entire process takes a fraction of the time normal upholstery service requires. Waiting weeks to get your equipment looking like new can now be a thing of the past thanks to mobile upholstery.

At Peak we made this incline and several others fitness pads shine like new by using BoltaSport Olympus, the most durable material available. We know pieces like this are very popular at fitness clubs. So we often only take one-like-machine down at a time so that everyone can still do the routine they love.

When it comes to choices between economic and high durability vinyl, why not have both? We have special pricing arrangements with our distributors for the most durable vinyls. We pass that savings right on to our customers. Not only are the materials more economic initially than the vinyls the manufacturers use, but the years go by without it being necessary to recover the fitness pads again. Ultimately, less recovers means better stewardship of our resources and less waste entering landfills.

At Advantage we appreciate our customers business. Please consider visiting them: Peak Physique – The Studio