Kaiser Permanente | Longmont, CO

​Replacing your exam table covers is an important step in helping to ensure you maintain a clean and comfortable environment for both your patients and staff. Reupholstering can help keep fabric, padding, and other materials looking their best while also making sure they are free from bacteria, dirt, and debris. Not only can reupholstery make the exam room look nicer and more inviting, but also help with sanitization efforts as well. The reupholstering process involves removing the old vinyl covers, custom patterning and sewing new covers, recovering the pads with the new exam table covers, and then reattaching the pads securely to the frame of the table. These new covers must meet the design specifications of the exam table, but can be in a variety of medically-cleanable materials which can have different designs. The new exam table covers are the barrier between any potential contaminants on the exam table top, which can be cleaned, and the foam and wood inside the exam table, which cannot be cleaned reliably. Additionally, reupholstered tables provide a higher level of comfort for patients who must lie or sit on them during examinations. New and softer vinyl will reduce pressure points as well as provide the extra support needed during a longer examination period if necessary. Reupholstering not only gives your exam tables a polished look but also helps protect against germs for a healthier environment for all involved.

At Advantage Mobile Upholstery we take pride in providing the best quality material for exam tables, and we also offer a wide range of vinyls and colors to choose from. With our specialized reupholstery services, we ensure that your exam tables are given the attention they deserve. We take extra care to ensure that all materials used in the reupholstering are of the highest quality possible, providing superior cleanability and comfort. Advantage is also very environmentally conscience, by using the best quality material we make covers that last longer. Longer-lasting covers mean less waste entering landfills. Our reupholstery process is tailored to each individual customer’s needs and provides an affordable way to keep your exam tables looking professional and your office comfortable. With Advantage Mobile Upholstery, you can be sure that your reupholstered exam table will not only look good but also be comfortable for your patients.

At Kaiser Longmont, we used BoltaSport Olympus, in the color River Rock. We arrived on site the day of service, connected with a manager and then parked out of the way. We then removed the exam table pads and took them out to our fully stocked truck shop. Inside our shop, we custom patterned and replaced the old worn-out covers with new high-durability covers!

BoltaSport Olympus is one of the highest durability medical grade materials you can use to reupholster your exam table. It is ultra-durable and resistant to bacteria, mildew, and other contaminants, thus ensuring a sanitary environment for medical examinations or surgeries. In addition, we provide BoltaSport Olympus material at an excellent price point making it the most attractive option when compared with other high-durability medical-grade materials. With BoltaSport Olympus medical grade material from Advantage Mobile Upholstery, you can be sure that your exam tables are covered with the highest quality possible while providing superior cleanliness and comfort for your patients. Olympus also provides extra comfort as it is softer than other types of vinyl which helps reduce pressure points during medical appointments. Not only that but this material is stain resistant and comes in a variety of colors allowing you to find the perfect match for each office’s design needs. BoltaSport Olympus medical grade material for reupholstering ensures that you have both a hygienic and cost-effective solution for your medical examination room’s exam table covers.