Perfect Teeth | Arvada, CO

We were delighted to work with Perfect Teeth recently completely replacing their dental office upholstery in Arvada, Colorado. We took some time to talk through and evaluate their specific needs. They selected a professional flat black vinyl from the medical grade and high durability Olympus line. When we were sure everything was clear we arranged with them for a date that would accommodate their busy patient schedule.
The day of service we arrived early and made sure we would not disturb any business operations at the dental office or at nearby businesses. We received clear direction from the doctor as to the dental chair they wanted to reupholster first. We then proceeded to complete one chair at a time until all the dental stations were complete. We completed dental reupholstery on four different chairs at this office. A traditional upholstery shop could require days or weeks to complete a project such as this and would completely stop business operations. We would ask for about 12 hours to complete a project of this size, but we were able to complete this upholstery service in just about 8 hours! All while they saw patients.
Each pad on the chair was carefully removed and taken to our fully equipped truck/shop. Inside we custom patterned each pad so everything fit perfectly. We then pulled staples and removed the old cover. These chairs required a wood backer be installed, which we custom make for each medical or dental office which requires it. When everything has been sewn we begin recovering each of the cushion sections. After we get everything looking great we securely reinstall each of the pads. We work quickly and efficiently and completed this dental office upholstery project quickly.
We strive to use the highest quality products and techniques. Our goal for each of our customers is to provide the Ultimate in Quality and the Ultimate in Convenience!