Drybar | Cherry Creek, CO

Your salon is where deep relationships are made. Right there in that shampoo chair. The trick isn’t a trick at all, and is not as artesian as people think either; it simply building trust. The root of that trust is locked in authenticity. The customer comes in, there’s a a familiar face, and now a genuine excitement. They can relax, finally, they are unfettered after a long week. Bona-fide interest and concern is shared as both the steward and the served relate to each other the most recent events, celebrations, and their unique perspectives. A place, a connection, maybe even concerns and mutual advice. Your customer’s visit is complete; they are bright, fresh, ready to enjoy themselves on the town, or to make a new acquaintance, or to visit those they love. And they keep coming back because they can expect and trust that they will be made anew each time they do.

Our business relationships are similar. You need this shampoo chair upholstery completed. You’ve got a lot of skin in the game and maybe you felt fleeced by the slick fly-by-night upholstery shop you used last time. Advantage is different; efficient, convenient, and professional. On service day, there’s no waiting around. We’re well-versed in cleaning up after other, poorly-managed upholstery shops and with all our experience at our disposal we can usually get our customers back to washes and blowouts in one sweep.

Thankfully those bad memories of the other guy aren’t part of Drybar’s story. Meeting on location, when it’s best for you is part of what we do. Accurate measurements, estimates, and timelines make projects with shampoo chair upholstery, and other salon reupholstery go very smoothly. We schedule at your convenience, arrive on time, and do everything within reason to complete our projects within the agreed-upon estimate amount. These chairs are covered in a top-tier material. The work, complete within the expected timeline.

We’re genuinely interested in the growth and success of those we work with. If you need a blowout that will have you looking fabulos go to Drybar in Cherry Creek Colorado.