Commercial Fitness Solutions | Littleton, CO

We were able to help our client get the perfect upholstery material on this set of gym equipment. Now their client’s space can truly shine!

While our most common set of clientele consists of gym owners with fitness centers we’re always pleased to work directly with gym equipment resellers. They emailed us for a quote and we decided a site visit would be the best option for service. Sometimes getting a quote is as simple as emailing a few pictures over, but occasionally the limitations of technology make visiting the best option. After we received word that the equipment was in, we scheduled an on-site visit for the next day. We come prepared. Our Sales team is equipped with a wide array of samples; Including the most popular and most durable. Our goal is to make material selection clear and comprehensive.

At our first visit we compiled a list of all the pads and which pieces of gym equipment needed service. They made us aware of the material the client was interested in and I was able to show them an exact match for a more economic and higher durability material. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, that set of equipment wasn’t the ideal match for their client. So, after a few weeks Commercial Fitness Solutions obtained a new set of equipment and needed an updated quote. This time we simply requested some pictures via email and were able to get them an updated quote within a few hours.

The day of service we arrived early and the first thing we did was verify each pad’s sizing and pricing on each of the pieces of gym equipment. This seems like a trivial task but, at Advantage we have a tried and true systematic approach built through years of experience. In an open gym or fitness center it’s critical to get things done quickly; clients are working out and a certain piece of equipment might be critical to their set of workouts. It’s also important to get it right the first time; It’s terribly inefficient to have to recover pads unnecessarily, or to service the wrong fitness pad, or to mix up which piece of gym equipment is being serviced. While we’re certainly not perfect we do our utmost to practice procedures which reduce the likelihood anything will go wrong.

Regular service in an working fitness center dictates that we only take a few pieces of gym equipment down at a time. We do our best to work in such a way that clients can still get a full workout in. Admittedly, the more pieces we can service at a time the quicker the overall service will go. At Commercial Fitness Solutions we had the benefit of being able to take a great majority of the pieces for service all at once.

Each fitness pad is custom patterned and sewn. Since pad sizes can vary, even among the same models, and since over the years even the best foam can break-down slightly, custom patterning is essential to getting the new covers to fit perfectly. Then each piece is torn-down; We remove the old damaged vinyl and staples. Proper tear-down is also vital to the longevity of the new covers; If an old cover is just covered over the oils, chemicals, and even the abrasive old vinyl can cause wear from the inside of the cover. This can reduce the life of the new cover by half or more!

It’s clear Commercial Fitness Solutions wants to give their customers the best, and we appreciate their business! If you’re in need of gym equipment, do give them a try! http://www.commercialfitness.com/