Buffalo Bar & Restaurant | Idaho Springs, CO

Restaurant upholstery service taking days? Closing down sections while you wait? Having your restaurant’s upholstery serviced with no downtime can be a real challenge. That’s where we can provide you with every advantage!

There were some particularly unique needs at Buffalo Bar & Restaurant in Idaho Springs. Not least of which was using real leather with a restaurant-grade finish. This is particularly important because the cleaners used in modern restaurants can quickly degrade a cheap or inappropriate material selection. We provided the restaurant owner with a variety of options and through a few brief interactions, we had a few choices and samples of the requested upholstery materials sent right to the restaurant.

Besides using the correct and high-quality materials, maintaining minimal downtime is perhaps equally important. At Advantage, we go above and beyond the industry-accepted standards. With Advantage, work is systematically evaluated and broken down to maximize efficiency. As much as possible we prepare for the job beforehand. Often we come with perfectly-sized and pre-sewn covers. The Buffalo Bar & Restaurant upholstery covers couldn’t be made beforehand, but we did take the time that same day to prepare by custom-patterning and sewing the covers for the next day. We know being prepared isn’t only about pre-made covers. We always come prepared in a myriad of ways; being on time, and having our truck stocked with leather, staples, and a plethora of supplies to handle any of the possible situations we might face. Naturally, our performance on the first day was nominal. However, because we took the time to focus on getting the covers just right, the remaining restaurant chairs went very quickly. At Advantage, we pride ourselves on scheduling and completing work in a fraction of the time a traditional upholstery shop requires. This is especially true for restaurant upholstery.

We’re delighted that Westbound and Down trusted us with their needs. We truly appreciate their business. If you need a great brew in Idaho Springs give them a visit: https://westboundanddown.com/