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What’s the fastest way to reupholster chiropractic tables? On site upholstery!

Dr. Levi is very proactive about the environment he provides his clients. He was concerned that one of his chiropractic drop tables wasn’t providing an adequate level of comfort. We met to take measurements and reviewed his material options. He selected the BoltaSport Olympus vinyl material, primarily for its durability, but also for it’s bold color options. You can see that here with his enlightened selection of Honeydew. In addition to our chiropractic table reupholstery service we also installed new foam. A product called Q41 which has a medium density, weight, and meets national anti-flammability requirements. It’s an excellent quality product that provides the firmness the doctor needs to make adjustments and remains soft enough to be comfortable for clients.

With our on site upholstery repair service we can have your therapy or chiropractic tables and equipment reupholstered and looking amazing in no time!

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