Lakeside Pediatric Dentistry | Loveland, CO

Our customers are often growing into new offices and locations. It’s an exciting time and the optimal opportunity to complete larger dental chair upholstery service visits. We’re excited for the success of Lakeside Pediatric Dentistry and we are glad for their continued trust in our unique on-site upholstery solution.

Occasionally working out the details of certain models of dental chairs is important. We’re invested in providing estimates which accurately represent the final costs of projects. A sales-representative visits to verify the method of attachment for our custom dental chair upholstery covers. While there they may take measurements for replacement wood and foam in the seats and backs. And, as always, verifying vinyl material measurements so that potential issues can resolved in a timely manner is the wisest course. We schedule these estimate-visits quickly and they’re completed professionally, when convenient, and without disturbing the office’s work flow or their patients. A clear and concise estimate is emailed in a timely manner. We correspond regularly, working out any remaining details, and will quickly schedule once approval is been received.

This dental office equipment remodel involves four rooms, each with a dental chair for the patient and two additional stools or chairs for the doctor and assistant. We have years of experience with dental chair upholstery. Knowing how a specific dental chair model needs to be disassembled and reassembled can help in reupholstering that piece quickly. Our goal is for the comfort of your seats, and for the aesthetic of your office, to be restored to something even better than what you would expect from the manufacturer.

All of these dental chairs, doctors stools, hygienists chairs, and assistant seats are covered in BoltaSport Olympus. This material is one of the highest durability vinyl’s available. Olympus is designed to be medically sanitized without compromising it’s long-term durability. The vinyl is coated with the PreFixx finish and when the proper cleaners are used the manufacturer guarantees they will not stain the material. Everything is patterened and sewn right on site, so the covers are always the right fit.

We truly appreciate our customer’s business. If you need a pediatric dentist in Loveland Colorado do consider Lakeside Pediatric Dentistry.