39 Degrees | Aspen, CO

We were excited to assist with 39 Degrees Lounge upholstery remodel. The old upholstery material, though good, was faded and showed some other wear. The owners had already selected material, which made it very easy to come up and recover everything. Lounge upholstery isn’t necessarily more difficult. Though recovering a 10 foot long couch is a little daunting at first!
Service Walkthrough – Lounge Upholstery
In order to properly estimate materials it was necessary to pay 39 Degrees a visit. Our sales manager visited the lounge when their visit wouldn’t disturb the normal routine. With measurements taken, we discussed the best dates for service. An estimate was completed and sent within 48 hours. One of the great benefits of our service is that we can take the shop anywhere. While 39 Degrees is hundreds of miles away we only had to make one trip to service the lounge. The scope of work was enormous. Our original estimate for time was four days. Through our team’s hard work and dedication we completed the work in just two days. The large couches were the most challenging. They can not be traced onto the new material. So instead we take very precise measurements. These, we check and double-check before cutting and sewing. We prefer to complete everything in our fully-equipped truck-workshop. These pierces are very big. So instead we brought our tools inside! All of the old material is removed. Then we carefully check for stray staples. When everything is just right, we recover the pieces. The large X-shaped seating area is also a complex piece of workmanship. We carefully measured each section to calculate the most efficient patterns. Our original material estimate was so precise, that when we finished, we had less than one yard remaining.

We appreciate our customers business. When you are in Aspen, come poolside and check out all the great fare at 39 Degrees.