Zoe’s Hair Design | Breckenridge, CO

Your clients leave looking amazing and we know you want to provide them with an atmosphere that’s both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. We put that philosophy to work too; just with salon chair upholstery instead. We have a full range of options. From high durability vinyls to eye-catching fabrics which will provide you with the functionality and the look that’s just right for your salon.

How does salon chair upholstery service work?
At Zoe’s Hair Design we worked with the owner, Donna, over a period of several months to select the perfect material. We directed her to our distributors websites and sent a few sample books. We understand how important it is when remodeling to get the perfect match. When she found something she thought she might like we had a large sample sent to her. Our experience with salon chairs has given us the insight into how best to service them. We took the time to listed to Donna and about her specific needs.

Once she was ready for service we scheduled for a day when her salon wouldn’t bee too busy. We arrived promptly when scheduled and made out best attempt to be out of the way of her patrons. Since her workload was less than usual we were able to take out a few chairs at a time and this really helped the process go much faster.

You’ll notice from the picture that the pattern is perfectly centered. We worked meticulously with each of the patterns to make sure everything lined up just right. Originally we planned on creating additional clear covers with which to protect the fabric. They were fairly slick so we provided a spray on stain protector, 303 Fabric Guard, same day, on site, and at no additional cost.

With Advantage, salon chair upholstery doesn’t have to be a business crippling hassle. We take out work seriously and work diligently to complete everything correctly as quickly as possible. I believe total time at her salon was 4 hours from start to finish.

We appreciate our customers business. Please consider visiting them when you have a need. Zoe’s Hair Design