Superior Dental | Superior, CO

When your dental chair upholstery begins to deteriorate, it can feel like tooth decay. Don’t fret, Advantage can bring you the relief you need! Chairs are recovered right on site. With our extremely efficient reupholstery methods we can complete multiple chairs on the same day. Our experience enables us to easily work around your clinics schedule so your clients won’t even notice we’re there.

With a limited number of chairs and a waiting room full of patients, time is of the essence in a dental office! With that understanding, we will work around your schedule to keep your facility running as smoothly as possible.

At Superior Dental we completed custom recovers including new wood of their dental chairs and plastic shoe guards. We split the work into two appointments to accommodate the clinics schedule on slower days. By using BoltaSport Olympus vinyl we’ve given Superior Dental’s chairs a refreshing change that’s sure to remain vibrant for years to come.

At Advantage we pride ourselves in being able to recommend our customers. If you’re in need of a dentist in Superior, consider the great folks at Superior Dental, Michael L Bailey, DDS, PC