Dot’s Diner | Boulder, CO

Booth Upholstery can seem like an overwhelming task, especially when your focus is your customers. Your attention is on providing comfort through the atmosphere alongside an excellent meal, and it should be! At Advantage, we take care of your upholstery needs so can keep your focus on serving your customers.

Dot’s Diner was looking to get their booth upholstery serviced. The use of harsh chemicals had deteriorated the vinyl, leaving many unsightly and unpleasantly sharp cracks in the material. Over the years the seat support and foam had also weakened, making the seats unstable and uncomfortable. Having previously established a long-term relationship Dot’s was planning on using another upholstery shop. The shop’s lack of communication and some recent bad reviews made Dot’s wary. How disappointing! With a quick search Dot’s was able to find Advantage Mobile Upholstery. By browsing our website they were able to review some of our previous restaurant booth upholstery work, and then they used our online contact form to easily reach out to us. At Advantage, we are always attentive to the messages of new or returning customers. We know good communication is important for business; it saves time and can make some necessary tasks more of a joy. While not always the case, we were able to respond to Dot’s within 15 minutes and we completed an on-site visit to check their booth upholstery within 24 hours.

Dot’s is a popular place, and they’re busy almost every minute of breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Normally Advantage visits just before or after open, or another time when we have unrestricted access to check the booth upholstery. This allows us to color match the material, or take a small sample if necessary. It’s less awkward popping out and measuring booths when the restaurant is empty. Unfortunately, that just wasn’t an option that day at Dot’s Diner. But, no problem! We were able to find a few booths that were unoccupied, and from there we found an acceptable color and took all the measurements necessary. We found the elastic underlayment which had been holding the seats up was sagging and the foam was flattened. We took measurements to replace the underlayment with a nylon mesh that won’t sag over time and to replace the foam tops with a higher grade material. The vinyl previously used was probably just on the edge of commercial-level durability. We found an acceptable alternative color, Pine Needle, in Olympus. BoltaSport Olympus has more than 10x the commercial level of durability. It is also a Medically rated vinyl, this means it has been designed and tested to stand up to the highest grade of medical cleaners while still maintaining a high level of longevity.

A traditional upholstery shop would require a large portion of the restaurant to be placed ‘out-of-order’ for some time so the pieces could be transported to the shop and back. With Advantage Mobile Upholstery each piece can be completed on-site eliminating the potential days or weeks downtime. We scheduled when it was most convenient for Dot’s, which was a few hours each afternoon. We take your booth upholstery seriously. As such we want our service appointments to be as smooth as possible, so the day of we spoke to the manager about which piece we should complete first. Each piece is custom-patterned and sewn so that it’ll fit perfectly. Completing a few pieces at a time, as they became available, we eventually made it through every seat, back, and endcap which needed booth upholstery service.

We appreciate our customer’s business. Dot’s has an excellent diner atmosphere. If you’re in Boulder and need a quick bite, be sure to give them a try! https://www.dotsdinerboulder.com/