Sustainability, Recycling, and Going Green

We are committed to keeping our world beautiful.

Efficiency, being ‘Green,’ and sustainability aren’t at the forefront of the upholstery industry. If we are being honest, petroleum is the cornerstone of the industry; From it, vinyls, foam, and the fuel required for transportation are all derived. At Advantage, stewardship of our natural resources is very important. In a concerted effort to minimize the ecological impact of the waste created by our industry, we at Advantage are already leading the way. By bringing the shop and service to our customers we use only half the fuel that a traditional upholsterer requires. With efficient scheduling, such as combining jobs near each other, we bring our environmental impact even lower. That is not all though, we offer our customers an environmentally-friendly option. In this case that is the most durable materials available. By doing so we reduce unrecyclable waste. Less recovers ultimately means less waste entering landfills.

Denvers Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability through Scrap Vinyl Recycling
Sustainability through Scrap Vinyl Recycling

Our Denver, Colorado branch is taking it a few steps further. For more than four years we’ve partnered with a local recycler, Green Guru Gear, who takes all our useable scrap vinyl and turns it into amazing products. Green Guru Gear’s sustainability philosophy is simple; take useable waste that would normally fill landfills and divert it into useful products like backpacks, compression sacks, and wallets. Scrap vinyl is not the only thing they accept. They also use upcycled bicycle inner tubes, billboard banners, and reflective street signs. Just recently, Green Guru Gear has partnered with the Denver branch of our upholstery supplier, Keyston Bros. There they have set up a special purpose recycle bin for scrap vinyl. Advantage already donates, on average, over 100 lbs. a year to Green Guru Gear. And, now all the local upholsterers can easily bring their vinyl scrap to a central location to be recycled!

As we approach the first quarter 2017 Denver is making another major investment in sustainability. Designing and installing a combination solar array and battery backup system. We are looking forward to the final results but hope that this solution will keep us off the grid 80% of the time. That will make our mobile upholstery solution even more environmentally friendly!